Day 00

The Adventure is Complete!

Congratulations to the teams that made it to Berlin!

Red Bull Can You Make It? is an epic journey where 100 teams travel across Europe using only cans of Red Bull as currency.

All Team Activity

  • Total Transportation Types42
  • Total Checkpoints Reached27
  • Total Support Strength448421
  • Total Distance Traveled219193 km
  • Total Distance per Can1 km/can
  • Total Cans Traded16749
  • Total Cans Earned16630
  • Total Countries Reached15
  • Most Used TransportationTrain
  • Avg Transportation Types11
  • Avg Checkpoints Reached7
  • Avg Support Strength4484
  • Avg Distance Traveled2192 km
  • Avg Travel Speed13 km/hr
  • Avg Distance per Can14 km/can
  • Avg Cans Traded167
  • Avg Cans Earned166
  • Avg Countries Reached5