Day 00

The Adventure is Complete!

Congratulations to the teams that made it to Berlin!

  • Summary
  • How to Apply
  • Selection
  • Starting Points
  • Red Bull as Currency
  • Checkpoints
  • Code of Honour
  • Can't Make It?
  • Destination

There is adventure in all of us.

A desire to explore.

To get lost.

To see the places we've read about.

To test ourselves and overcome.

To create new stories.

This is your chance.

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  • 1.No money. This includes credit cards, debit cards and cash cards.
  • 2.No personal mobile phone.
  • 3.Teams must use their team Moto G phone to log each can transaction and check in.
  • 4.No use of frequent flyer miles.
  • 5.No pre-organized modes of travel (e.g. arranging a friend to drive you to Berlin).
  • 6.No severe sabotage of the other participating teams.
  • 7.Act in accordance with the legal boundaries in each country you visit. If unsure, please contact Central Command for clarification.
  • 8.No parting of the team at any time. All traveling and all Checkpoint challenges must be completed as a threesome.
  • 9.Each team must visit a minimum of 6 Checkpoints.
  • 10.If a team breaks one of these rules, it will be disqualified. The respective team will be responsible for its safe return back home.


Red Bull Can You Make It? is an adventure that will challenge the body and mind as 100 teams from all over the world have seven days to travel across Europe using only cans of Red Bull as currency. Teams will visit Checkpoints, share photos and videos, and rally support from followers back home. It's a journey of wits and strategy that leaves one question: can you make it?

How to Apply

If you're a current university student over the age of 18, go to the Apply Now section on this website starting 30 Jan 2014 @ 11:00pm UTC. Gather your team of three and create a video explaining why your team should be chosen to compete. We're looking for teams that are adventurous, have an up-for-anything attitude, and can rely on charm, wit and quick-thinking abilities when faced with a challenge. Apply by 12 Mar 2014 @ 8:00am UTC!


Thousands of teams will apply for Red Bull Can You Make It?, but only 100 will be selected. When applications close on 12 Mar 2014 @ 8:00am UTC, submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by Red Bull to narrow down to the best of the best. If selected, your team will be notified mid-March and will work with event coordinators to arrange travel plans to your assigned Starting Point.

Starting Points

Starting Points are located in London, Paris, Milan and Vienna. Each team will receive a Welcome Kit, a Moto G mobile phone, a sealed envelope with emergency funds (just in case!), and a case of 24 cans of Red Bull. All teams will leave from the Starting Points at the same time on April 4, 2014 and have one week to make it to the Finish Line in Berlin by 5:00pm on April 11, 2014.

Using Red Bull as Currency

Each team begins the journey with one case of Red Bull — 24 cans. Teams must rely on their bartering skills to trade cans of Red Bull for everything they need on the journey — food, a place to sleep, transportation and other adventures along the way that make the experience truly epic.


Thirty Checkpoints are located in different cities throughout Europe. When a team uses their Moto G to check in at a Checkpoint, they will be tasked with a fun challenge that will require strategy, creativity and speed. If a team successfully completes a Checkpoint Challenge, they are rewarded with more cans of Red Bull for the journey.

If You Can't Make It...

If a team decides to call it quits, they can either break into their emergency envelope to use their funds to get to Berlin, or contact Central Command, who will arrange for the team to be transported back home. Serious violation of the event rules, Code of Honour, or the law can result in a team's disqualification from Red Bull Can You Make It?. In this case, a team will be responsible for their own transport home immediately.

The Destination...

The Finish Line in Berlin is the final stop on the Red Bull Can You Make It? adventure. Teams that complete the journey by 5:00pm on April 11 will be greeted with a party of a lifetime — Red Bull style! But the real reward is the memories and experiences collected along this once-in-a-lifetime journey with friends.